Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chris Appelhans

I am so, so drawn toChris Appelhan's work. There are plenty of people out there that work in that retro, graphic 1960ish illustration style but for some reason Chris's work resonates with me beyond the nostalgic warmth produced by recalling favorite imagery from childhood. I think it might be the saturation of color. Or perhaps the obvious skill he's got at rendering light...or maybe it's the point of view --- I tend to gravitate towards images that allow me to share the composition with the depicted viewer --- looking over their shoulder, viewing them from afar (instead of looking AT them as THE subject in the setting...) All musings aside I'm particularly fond of Chris's Coraline illustrations. Haunting as they should be but also thrilling and tantalizing in what they choose to revel and how.

[all images by/belong to Chris Appelhans, via his Website]

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