Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fernando Vicente

I've never been a concrete person, a person connected to the physicality of my body.It's been a simple fact that has defined much of me and my life. I'm a completely abstract person who believes that who I am is what I think. All that ephemeral shit that spins, sits in solitary moments of wondering, tries to find connections ---frantically finding it's self a pattern, wanting to understand, never, ever stopping...that's me. I see myself as a collection of thoughts, concepts and ideas. And that's how I define my value. It's where I put my efforts and frankly, I revel in it.

But in recent years I've begun to suspect that I'm doing myself a dishonor by only focusing on my brain and leaving the vessel that holds all that gauzy stuff of thought out of the equation all together. Maybe it's ageing (or just clearing the big angsts of the twenties and bringing my eyes up from my navel a bit), maybe it was the ankle blown out in soccer a couple of years back or maybe it's the last year spent focused on what changes I am going to make in my life and how but I've definitely begun to turn my attention towards who I am physically. I feel a little sad that it's taken me 33 years to say "hello physical self. You are amazing and I love who you are, you are me too." It is what it is. I'm just glad I have time to become stronger physically in and out, to find grace in my movements as I turn more energy towards how my body is connected to who I am. Integration. We talk about it often. A holistic approach to healing or the complexities of different aspects of our work. Etc. Not something I've practiced much of in my own life/identity. It sometime feels uncomfortable to be a physical, concrete being after all these years of celebrating the abstract and intangible self but the element of wholeness I am starting to feel on a physical level spurs me on with curiosity...

Fernando Vicente's work instantly puts a visual to my thoughts on the honoring of both mind and body (especially in terms of a reminder of the astounding, beautiful complexity in the body that moves, contains and sustains us).

[by/belongs to Fernando Vicente, image via his web site]

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