Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travels: Nashville

I'm exhausting myself by flying around on planes way too much right now but these mini journeys are filling me with a sense that I am storing up something (don't know what) at the right time (for what reason?). It's a good feeling despite the weariness (that I should be re-balancing with a laziness I can't afford.)

Last week I was in Nashville and various other more rural parts of Tennessee. Talk about a place confounding one's expectations...I'm not sure I could have voiced what I expected to you ahead of time (beyond the stereotypes of honky tonk and lots of music) --- certainly I would not have said "lousy with the greenest trees I've ever seen for miles around" --- but that will be my memory visual of Tennessee from now on. Green, green, green filling my eyes to overflowing. And the gorgeousness of thousands of cowboy boots in so many different colors with so many designs. Wow! I'm so glad I got to fill my eyes up with brilliant color and take joy in being so thoroughly surprised by the essence of the place.

More images from the trip here...

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