Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Movie

These are the days of crazy work life often seems to be my only life while all the spare minutes and stolen bits of energy are put towards slowly, (painfully incremental) composing something new life wise. I feel quite segmented, disjointed. But despite the demands on my time and mind I also feel like I am pointed in the right direction and even if movement is a turtle, it's right.

This week I am in Omaha for work, spending every day in the bowels of a old hospital helping to design a new one. Although it's for the worthiest group of people (veterans) it's grueling, exhausting work. Meeting after meeting after meeting, no daylight, next to the morgue, days on end. So I'll be absent here this week (something has to give). My goal for myself this week is to steal (oh man, I shouldn't be doing so much theft from my own precious time just to have something of my own) a bit of space to take some photographs of Omaha. I quite like the area, I quite like the mid west in general because it feels so different from everything I know here in the Pacific Northwest. I hope to share some images of the feeling of being there next week...

Happy Monday --- what do you want for your self by the end of this day?

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