Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Radio Silent

I am going radio silent for a bit. As I may have alluded to in some of my recent posts this year has been overwhelmingly busy and stressful thus far and now I've hit a wall of massive proportions. After some frantic moments of desperation and wild daydreaming this weekend --- (as I was working, yet again) that morphed into a very serious contemplation of making my 'happy place' (commune/farm living) a concrete reality --- I am currently attempting to regroup mentally and emotionally. To see where I am at now and what needs to change. I will be back here sometime next week.

[image by/belongs to Jasmine Fitzwilliam, via her Flickr photostream here]

And sometime soon you should really check out photographer (and designer) Jasmine Fitzwilliam's work. (That's one of her images above.) From my perspective her images externalize the inner workings of the mind/heart/body more succinctly than words. What a gift she has for speaking visually.

Her Flickr and web site.

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Following In My Footsteps... said...

I need to do the same. I know how you feel, i'm a second year student at university - I am totally feeling the pressure at the moment.

Take deep breaths, relax and laugh.