Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Movie

I'm back. I would not say that I have returned any the wiser for the time spent just thinking, focusing, trying to slow myself down to listen. (Damn it!) But I would say that the keel of my ship-o-life has evened out a bit. And I've got a better gripe on my navigational I am getting there.

First things first as I ease back into being in this space with those of you who stop by...I want to share this video about Mary Temple's installation @ the Rice Gallery called 'Northwest Corner, Southeast Light.' I think the video beautifully conveys both her intent and the process to get there...and the results are so interesting to me. Making light and shadow static. To me that's such a powerful statement of both capture/observation and control.

Mary's web site. And I particularly liked this brief review of her work because it also speaks to the many elements that work together to make up a interior space that facilitates the emotional and mental processes that take place in healing environments. Something I deal with every day as a health care designer...

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