Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Treehouse Point

So I know it's mid February and perhaps a bit past time to be saying "this is something I want to do in 2011" but this year I want to sleep over night, perhaps even more than one night, in a treehouse.

[images by/belong to: 1 & 3) Jasmine Fitzwilliam, 2) Treehousepoint]

This --- one of the treehouses at Treehouse Point in Issaquah WA --- would do quite nicely (or maybe Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mt. Rainer...)


jasfitz said...

Thanks for including my photographs… it really is a magical place.

M Javan said...

It is such a cool place! I tried to get a reservation for Valentines Weekend with Jason but they didn't have any treehouses left! As it turns out it was a good thing, since my son and his lovely girlfriend came up to scope out places to live AND I am down with a very nasty cold thing. I WILL take Jason there as a surprise one of these days!!!