Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue & Green [Friday Flickr Photo Collage]

A favor dear readers? May I just swear quietly but fervently for a moment?


Holy hell. It's been quite the week. Quite the first month of the year frankly. But I digress. And am off topic. Railing at the burdens and stress of life is not what any of us come here to ...pursuit of happiness for. I post, and I assume you come by to peek at said posts, for the inspiration that keeps us balanced when the 'stuff' of life that we often have to slog through is dulling our creative vision.

So. Happy weekend! May February be good to us all! And here's to staying inspired!

[images by/belong to, top to bottom left to right: 1) hidesax, 2) Visualtricks, 3) humminggirl, 4) Geoff, 5) perseverando 6) hannah martin]

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