Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carola Lagomarsino

I have to laugh at myself sometimes....I'm such an easy mark in regards to the aesthetic and content of the artistic things I fall for. Case in point; put nature or animals into a girl's hair and I'm a goner!

[image by/belongs to Carola Lagomarsino via Flickr here]

This is a piece by Argentinian mixed media illustrator Carola Lagomarsino. More from her via flickr or her blog.


Alexandra said...

This is so beautiful!!
I fall very easy for draws of girl's hair on the wind, better with pretty things on it, hehe. This one is particulary nice.
Great found.

Vatche said...

I'm a man of aesthetics then, I guess. I clicked mostly on this post because of the beautiful and interesting picture of the girl with birds in her hair.

Thanks for the links and cool post. Write on!