Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Movie

Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery) in Stockholm is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the larger sites to visit to celebrate All Saints Day.

Although not a Christmas tradition I do love this ritual's beautiful element of light shinning in the dark and the act of honoring what we've lost (and what we have, still, to hold on to.) This video spoke to me of the feeling I get when I sit with my family on Christmas Eve, in the dark with just the lights on the tree on our faces --- we all become quite for a few moments --- remembering, drifting, reflecting.

All Saint's Day in The Woodland Cemetery from Christopher Bennison on Vimeo.


Magdalena said...

I like that pleace...i live 5 min away from very beautiful and peacefull..

My best regards


LethaColleen said...

@ Magdalena: it looks incredibly peaceful...I would love to be able to go visit...maybe someday. And not that I spend too much time thinking about end of life stuff but I do believe a little marker of my life under a tree (like at Skogskyrkogarden)would be a ideal resting place…