Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Padlocks

What a touching concept. To take your love, lock it up and toss the key in the river. Putting such faith in the idea that the thing we love --- our connection with the person whose initials are printed along side our own on a padlock without a key --- can last forever.

Touching to reach so strongly for such a potentially tenuous premise.

Whenever I see something like this --- Love Padlocks --- I have such a strong reaction to it. Conflicting emotions. It's within all of our hearts (I think) to grasp tightly with blind hope to love's longevity. It's within all of us to refuse to grasp it at all for fear it will leave or betray us. Somewhere in the middle land of 'gray' lies the possibility of a beautiful, peaceful reality. The balance of clear eyes looking steadfastly with honesty at one's love and the transformational power of hope in the concept of 'always.'

[images by/belong to 1) karmen smolnikar, 2) Eisen Jiao 3) hhj1, 4) voirella]

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Evie said...

What a beautiful concept! Maybe I should start one in Edinburgh?