Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kat Hannah [a kat tale]

I'll be honest and tell you that I very rarely take notice of the titles associated with art work... This would be because I'm very much the visceral art experiencer type; I see it and fall head long into it if it and I are meant to be. Kat Hannah's work is completely different for me. The titles enrich the work so much, there is no over looking them or her touchingly emotional work.

Rescue of a Seaworthy Creature

Over the Rough Spots

Sea Sirens Reunion

That last one? My favorite! Kat's web site, shop, blog and Flickr for more.

[all images by/belong to Kat Hannah, via her web site]


Poetry Is Life said...

they all look so depressing tho

LethaColleen said...

@ poetry Is Life: Well, sure…that’s one way to see Kat’s work, as “depressing” (what I like to call bittersweet.) But wouldn’t you agree that the “depressing”/bittersweet/darker elements of the human experience and environment are a part of all of our lives? And isn’t it a gift to be able to portray those elements honestly with beautiful articulation? At least that’s the way I see it! :)

Lynn said...

I prefer the term "bittersweet" too. There is a melancholy to these pieces, but a beautiful, sweet one.

Thanks again for introducing us to another interesting artist. I always love stopping by your blog.

LethaColleen said...

@ Lynn: thank you, that's lovely to hear :).