Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have a tendency, if given my head, to crowd my surroundings with detritus. Good detritus mind you. The things I've deposited my memories into, the stuff of love and joy, the sentimentality of nostalgia. I have always felt a need to have these things sitting out and about living in my space with me. I'm definitely not one to put things 'away' and although I love the pursuit of organisation and the nice feeling orderly rows of things can engender I don't tend to practise applied organization in the least.

I came across the below image recently and feel such a sense of kinship with it. This image not only acts as a representation of what my home and studio feel like but it also very clearly illustrates what my mind looks like as it operates under my own particular style of mental processes.

What about you? What visual image, or set of images captures an authentic essence of how you move about in your exterior and interior world? What method of communication (visual/verbal/text/audible) best captures and acts as a metaphor for the interplay between the inside you and the outside you?

[image by giac1061, via Flickr]


Dyche Designs said...

There are days when my mind has so many thoughts going through it it feels as though it's going to burst, other times it's like looking at a black wall. Great image.

LethaColleen said...

a black wall...that's so full of possibility (one way of looking at it) like a wall painted with chalkboard paint ready for anything. What will you draw on it?