Monday, October 18, 2010

Global Tree Project [Sinji Turner-Yamamoto]

Wabi-sabi; beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

Global Tree Project is a body of work by installation artist Sinji Turner-Yamamoto and
Hanging Garden (below) is a "large scale tree installation for the abandoned, deconsecrated 19th century Holy Cross Church in Mount Adams..." (In Cincinnati, Ohio!)

I can't tell you how this touches my heart and brain...but then if you are like me it does the same for you and we don't need to tell each other about it because we already know...

[image by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto, images via Design Milk]

When watching this video, listening to the artist describing really seeing the stars --- the Milky Way --- for the first time as being "shocking" I got chills. So easy to take for granted the stunner that is our planet/universe and all the complexly beautiful elements within it.

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Neha said...

I soooo love the subtle hues of beige and blue in the background and smack bang tree in front...great pic ~ !