Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bird Tales Necklaces [Maria Polyxa]

I'm sure I've mentioned my love of scale used in startling, thoughtful and/or beautiful ways before? My background being in architecture I notice these types of things (scale, materiality, contrast, etc.) way more than I should!

Anywhoo.... Super cool example of all these premises of scale in Maria Polyxa's new Bird Tales Necklaces. Maria's an innovative gal, I've long been a fan of her plastic shards necklaces and other shapes and materials used in her jewelry design but this latest series is quite engaging in a delightfully surprising way.

[all pieces by/belong to Maria Polyxa, images via her Etsy shop]

For more from Maria stop by her Etsy shop, Flickr and blog.

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Megan Leone said...

These are so simple and beautiful. Thank you for sharing Letha!