Monday, September 27, 2010

Amsterdam Pt 4 [Noordermarket & a bit of Jordaan]

I don't think the day for exploring the Noordermarket could have been better. Granted it did suddenly begin to hail as I was on my way down the Prinsengracht (it was amazing how quickly all bikes and foot traffic disappeared...also I now know how many boats can fit under the canal bridges while riding out a storm) but as soon as it passed it became a perfect fall day for wandering the stalls of the market.

This was my view from the bench where I ate my chocolate procured during my market wander...and then up and off through the back streets/canals of Jordaan... Tomorrow some general wondering through Oud Zuid and along the southern portion of the Amstel canal...

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Mari Carmen said...

I really love this city, in summer. I have been there in August and it was a real pleasure :)

Greetings from Madrid