Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amsterdam Pt 3 [De Hortus Botanicus]

Botanical gardens rank pretty darn high on my personal list of favorite things so coming to Amsterdam I knew De Hortus Botanicus was a for-sure/must-go destination (my only 'must' while here frankly.) It was and is very beautiful; for one thing it feels like a secluded oasis hidden away behind walls, surrounded by water and tucked a bit away from the bustle of the city and for another it’s one of the oldest in botanical gardens in existence. Which translates to a wonderful mix of brick, iron and say nothing of the plants!

Lots of lovely drawers to open, very much a treasure trove feel. Every where I go, no matter where it it is, there is a house boat (or two or three) in need of having it's photo taken.

Next, off to the Noordermarket and Jordaan..

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