Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Autoban's The House Cafe

One of my all time favorite loves is the concept of a thing within a thing. Nesting and containing. This is likely because I spent half my child life up trees or building tents out of tables or reading books under covers. These days I most especially love architecture within architecture...and here is an amazing entry to that category!

The House Cafe is in the Kanyon Shopping Mall in Istanbul, Turkey. Designed by Turkish design firm Autoban to integrate with and sit within the mall's original architecture. What do you think? (Beyond the obvious initial delight of "Yes! I want to go have lunch in a greenhouse!")

[images by Ali Bekman, via a post on the contemporist]


Alyn Carlson said...

Beautiful. But I wonder how warm it gets inside?

gina said...

Oh, my! That is so beautiful! I love all the light and openness.

LethaColleen said...

@ Alyn: Yes! Where is the HVAC!? I don't see any ducts for the air supplies and returns! (only other option, raised floor so it's all underfoot!)

@ gina: me too!