Thursday, July 29, 2010

Off to PDX!

I'm off to Portland this afternoon for a weekend retreat with my work colleagues! We are taking the train down from Seattle (oh how I love train travel) and then there will be a bike tour of the city, eating, drinking, possibly an 80's dance party (!?) and generally a bunch-o-bonding and merrymaking. Hooray!

As I adore my studio mates (i.e. colleagues) I expect to have a bang up time (we always do on these annual retreats!) And I'm just generally excited to get the heck outta dodge for a while...AND I have only been to Portland once and have been eager to get back since...

I popped in some pictures below of the Jupiter Hotel where we'll be staying during the shindig. It looks pretty amazing. I'm determined to be a photo bug on this trip so (*fingers crossed*) look for a bunch of photos once I return on Monday!

[images via Jupiter Hotels web site]

See you later gator!


Natalie Lencioni said...

Have fun, Letha!

Dom said...

Bonjour ! la page "ici et maintenant" que j'ai
a été choisie par Darja Charapova dans sa liste "lovely blog award" et à cette occasion, j'ai moi aussi remercié quelques personnes dont vous faites partie en vous citant dans ma liste car votre page m'a beaucoup inspirée depuis que je l'ai découverte. Pour en savoir davantage, vous pouvez vous rendre sur cette page. Merci encore

LethaColleen said...

Thank you dear Natalie!

Dom: congratulations on the award you received for your blog...I'm honored to be mentioned and pleased to hear that you find inspiration through the posting here...