Monday, April 5, 2010

a thing for... [Maritza Teodoro]

Talk about doing one thing and doing it WELL… Maritza Teodoro’s blog a thing for… is one of my best discoveries of recent memory! I’m totally enthralled by the wonderful sense of mood and narrative created through each and every one of these gorgeous photo collages. I mean look at this first one!

And these two!

The choice of photography is so magical…

[all images via a thing for... and images by/belong to the following: Image 1): 1. the edge of love, 2. pared, 3. Not available, 4. beach Image 2): 1. Untitled, 2. mirror mirror off the wall, 3. Sebastian Kim, 4. Untitled Image 3) 1. hojas secas, 2,3 and 4. Don Freeman Image 4): 1. Udaipur Lake Palace, 2. Bjorn Iooss, 3. temple gateway, 4. Udaipur Lake Palace 2

Visit a thing for… often and you won’t lack for a regular transfusion of the transformational!


penny patten said...

These are beautifull!!!

Dyche Designs said...


LethaColleen said...

I am in total agreement!! :)

thea said...

Some people definitely have a knack for the putting together of images to creat an atmosphere... don't they? These are fab!