Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teresa McCue

Teresa McCue's gorgeously colored and composed pastel (and acrylic) pieces are a study in calm, quite and contemplative. So beautifully serene.

[all work & images by/belongs to Teresa McCue, via her Flickr photostream]

Another thing to note (and love) about Teresa's body of work is it's compositional range from close, intimate vignettes to expansive landscape views. I really thrill to the inherent sensitivity in these pieces to the fluidity of ones relationship with nature.

Teresa's web site, blog and flickr.


Dyche Designs said...

Wow, stunning. Her use of color is so beautiful.

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

What a tranquil collection of pastels, they are so calming and inviting.

Anonymous said...

I've always had a love/hate relationship with pastels. I love the medium but it hates me when I try to use them. Her work is fantastic! I admire her skill and ability.

LethaColleen said...

@meisterlowin: I totally agree, having a couple of mediums that I love that I've (so far) proved to be no good at manipulating to my artistic will its especially wondrous to see another artist do it so well!

KomicKat said...

Wow that is so calming. I love that she has a soothing palette of colors. It's so admirable that this is created in pastels, the most vexing of mediums.