Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jewelera [Derya Aksoy]

Continuing this week's focus on satisfying a longing for light, bright and airy...Derya Aksoy of Jewelera's amazingly ethereal creations. Derya finds gorgeous images of butterflies, makes her own organza printed fabric out of the wing images and then forms these very dreamy pieces of wearable art!

[images by/belong to Derya Aksoy, via her Flickr photostream]

Visit Derya's Etsy shop, Flickr & blog!


Derya said...

Hi Letha! This is such a wonderful surprise for me to see your feature on my butterfly designs!! Thank you very much for this I really appreciate it, you made my day! :)

elsiee said...

I won a pair of Derya's butterfly earrings they are even more beautiful and more dreamy in person! She is truly an artist!