Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bailey Saliwanchik

I'm short on words today --- my brain is taking a break it seems --- but who needs a brain full of superlatives when one can just say "here, look, art extraordinaire!"

Bailey Saliwanchik's work is certainly extraordinary; modern, edgy, treading very close to caricature --- but its also warmly intimate and wholly personal (especially in the case of these pieces from 'the ladies' series.)

[all work by/belongs to Bailey Saliwanchik, images via 3 Graces Gallery's flickr set]

Visit Bailey's web site for more...


Dyche Designs said...

Bailey does such beautiful work, love the fluidity that comes across.

thea said...

LOVE this artist - fanTASTIC!!!

Letha! I wanted to comment on your comment (hehe so many comments) you made on forthevisionaries! I am so so so pleased that you have decided to escape the drudgery and find a place you love. It's so important to follow our little dreams and happy moments in life as we only get one life right?

Anyhoo, feel like I could have endless chats with you. What's your collage work like?? Perhaps I could take a peak?

Huge hugs.



Estylo Jewelry said...

These are amazing!!!!

Brandi Reynolds said...

absolutely BEAUTIFUL artwork (followed you over from etsy)

penny patten said...

These are great, I really like your recent collage too!