Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ana Pais Oliveira

Much to love about Ana Pais Oliveira's abstracted and colorful paintings of home and community...

[images by/belong to Ana Pais Oliveira, via her web site]

I'm particularly interested in how this work seems to reference (what I see as) the life affirming emotions/mental prompts that come from viewing the patterns/textures/tapestry/quilt that is our 'earth from above.' (only these are 'home from the side'.)

Visit Ana's web site for her full portfolio here!

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thea said...

So very true. I opened your blog to come peek at you and literally (I'm not joking) my jaw opened a little and I stared in wonderment at these! Such colour and great lines - LOVE it!

also wanted to thank you for the super lovely comment you gave re places to go in San Fran. I shall follow your advice and now I'm all excited about artsy little towns - eeek! So Exciting!!!