Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rolling Greens [Home & Garden]

I really, really love garden shops. I can't say that I am any good at gardening --- I live with many plants at work and home but I've had to find --- by process of elimination --- the hardy ones that are immune to my irregular habits of watering, frequent moves and new directional angles of sun they must endure. So my love of garden shops doesn't come from a green thumb, but rather I think, from the joy I experience seeing living things celebrated and made much of.

This is a gorgeous make-much-of-plants shop; Rolling Greens in LA, California. I really love the rustic mixed with elegant vibe they've got going and the expansiveness of the place is really contributing to my previously mentioned 'wanderlust'!

[images via Garden Design, found here]

The shop was built in a 1930's old tire company building (long unused) --- nothing like adding in some sustainable reuse/historical adaptation to sweeten the pot-o-gorgeousness!

Rolling Greens Home & Garden web site...

And may I just say, I've gotten so much inspiration lately out of (new to me) Garden Design Magazine! I'm surprised at the lovely informal designs they often feature and how livable and inviting and radiant it all looks on their pages...