Monday, March 29, 2010

Return from Artfest, 2010

I am back from the great big mash up of art, ocean, abandoned artillery bunkers and 50 something ladies getting empowered that is Artfest. Quite the experience....

I often felt a little out of place (I've been 'empowered' since I was 4, or maybe since I was born, who knows), a bit cynical and as if my expectations were out of step with the reality of the fest, but overall I liked it and am glad that I went.

The weather was lovely for the most part, the b-boy came too and it's always a special thing for me to be at Fort Worden as it brings me a rush of great memories of my dad and the times we stayed @ the park and explored around in the bluffs and on the beach.

More pictures here from the fest and more (taken by the b-boy) of Fort Worden here.

Happy Monday!

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June rhymes with moon said...

Hmm, middle aged ladies getting empowered doesn't quite sound like your scene. Glad it was overall a success though.

I looked at your flickr pics and I really like those encaustic pieces. I've never tried it but it seems less like painting and more like collaging where it's kind of a 3-d process of layers. And you've added collage in with it, too, so it just seems like there's something there that could be really cool. I'm bad at anything when I try it for the first time but I feel like there's some things that kind of fit what I like to do anyway and if I just play with the materials enough I'll figure something out. You should have seen all the paper I wasted over the winter trying to figure out how I wanted to use gouache :P Keep trying it and maybe don't think of it as painting so you don't assume it will go badly...?

Yikes, that was long. And Fort Worden looks really cool!