Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Michelle Armas

I don't often quote verbatim from other sites/sources but in the case of Michelle Armas's work I'm making an exception...

"Trained as a graphic designer, Michelle began painting as an antidote to the rigid, strategic work of a corporate branding environment. Drawing on instinct and fantasy, she creates another world as it might have been imagined by early scientists discovering microbes and bacteria and the environments they thrived in." [via the beholder]

[all work by/belongs Michelle Armas to images via the beholder]

You can purchase Michelle's work (prints & originals) via her shop and through the beholder. More places to visit: Michelle's web site and blog!


Michelle said...

How cool, thanks for posting about my work!

LethaColleen said...

Of course Michelle, I couldn't help it, it's amazing! :)