Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making me Happy [Arden's Boston Brownstone Attic Abode]

It has been a terrifically rough first day or two back at the office after the week off for surgery... Things are getting better, I'm getting better (slowly but surly) and then to help me out I get to come across things like the below. It raises my spirits SO much!

When I was little (which to me means 'under the age of 5') we lived in a house with an attic. I adored it. Something about the light coming through the windows onto canted roofs and then shadowing the nooks and crannies that attics seem to have in droves was so magical when I was small. It still is. I haven't been in an attic for years but this 'attic abode' makes me want to find one to hang out in for just a little while...

[images via Apartment Therapy]

Found yesterday via a post on Apartment Therapy, hop on over for the original post and a few more pictures! I, like all the other commenter's on the post hope that the site will do a full tour of the space in the future, the personality (and stupendously beautiful uniqueness) of Arden's home is just begging for it!

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ardenm said...

Hi - I just came across this - thank you for liking my attic abode - it is very cozy! All the best, Arden