Monday, February 15, 2010

Flea Market Style

If you are at all akin to me, then you get pretty excited whenever you find a new source of interiors inspiration, a newly discovered trove of visual stimulation that sparks off ideas and projects that you wish to experiment with and try in your own space... One of the best places for finding that inspiration, for me, is Flickr photo pools. And I found a dandy one today!

[image from junkgarden, via the flea market style Flickr photo pool]

This photo pool is it's self inspired by one of my favorite style/interiors books; "Flea Market Style" by Emily Chalmers and Ali Hanan (I've had this book since I was 17 or so and dreaming of being an interior designer...)

Anyhoo, take a wander through the pool, there are some grand images to set you off!


~Valentina~ said...

This is super cool!! :) I'm working in design my new studio and *LOBE* to see new ideas :)

thea said...

LOVE this!!!!!]]