Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dionna Raedeke

These tag paintings by Dionna Raedeke may be my all time favorite example of the powerful amount of interest one can inspire through pushing and pulling on perceptions of appropriate scale relative to expectations for common objects encountered on a daily basis. [how do you like that run on sentence!] And this is above and beyond Dionna’s master skill at achieving amazing swirls of complex color that wind themselves into deceptively simple forms. I know, I know how hard that is to pull off and I am quite smitten with her results...

[images via Bruno David Gallery]

Dionna's Flickr photostream and web site. Go visit!


Dionna said...

Thanks so much for posting! Glad you like them!

Jennifer Mullin said...

These are so simple, yet so interesting. I love her little touches of line.