Monday, January 11, 2010

Office Inspiration! Color! Motivation! Hooray!

I’m really getting giddy happy over the process of getting my home/business office set up! [One of my Non New Year’s resolutions of aught 10.] It’s lovely good fun to find the right elements that lead to a more organized process --- the out come being a much bigger desire to wander in to my little nook --- sit down and ‘accomplish stuff.’ I’ve been favorite-ing good looking pieces of storage, organization and desk set-ups for inspiration…
[images by/belong to, top to bottom: joyfullova, steppie, Patrick Ng, ooh_food, Hindsvik Vintage, my tiny robot heart, somethings hiding in here]

[Oh and in regards to my non resolution, I have knocked lose about half of my major stack of business and life related paper work which is a stunner and I am far, far too pleased with myself!]
Happy Monday to you!


Elle Moselle said...

congratulations, first off, on your progress with your paperwork!

Second, this post was such inspirational eye-candy that I'm just itching to get to work!


LethaColleen said...

Thanks Elle! And I'm glad you are inspired too! What's amazing to me is that once you get into the thrill of organization / beatification the options for making it happen are so varied and cheap and fun! For example I just won, on eBay, this awesome old aqua blue painted and a bit chipped (in all the right places) wall hung mailbox that I am going to hang up on the wall above my desk and use to store scissors, rulers, much fun. The possibilities are too endless --- I’m going to spend waaaay too much time on this! :)

elizabeth said...

oh, there is something so appealing about jars full of colorful bits & bobs! all these work spaces make me well, want to work! i'm glad to hear things are going well for you & your art in the new year (& non-new-year?).

julia said...

Wow, I wish I had such a beautifully organized workspace. The thing is, even if I had, it would not stay organized for more than a couple of hours.