Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's [Non] Resolutions

I don’t make formal, list related and well thought out resolutions for New Year’s. I never have. I think it’s because I am one of those people who is constantly resolving to do things and eternally putting it off, forgetting or evolving the original intent to such an extent that it just isn’t very feasible to make resolutions. Too much let down! Or maybe I am just incredibly lazy. Likely it’s some of both…

Despite all this protesting I do have a few things that have been on my mind to work on recently that seem fitting to begin as the new year, with all its promise of a clean slate, begins.

[image by/belongs to Patrick Ng, via Flickr as seen here.]

I’d like to have a somewhat sound accounting/sales record keeping system within a somewhat organised office system (for my little art business that could) set up soon as I actually made some money through my business venture last year (yippee!) and hope that grows in this coming year! Steps taken towards this endeavor: have set up the beginnings of a home office, have sorted through my piles of paper, and have met with my SCORE helper person to talk accounting practices…

[image by/belongs to The 10 cent designer, via Flickr and seen here.]

I’d like to finally, finally start doing yoga as a measure of defense against my own body which recently has begun a descent into elderliness whose mantra is: ‘your in your thirties young lady’ which apparently manifests loosely to no more natural, I-used-to-be-a-gymnast flexibility and some seriously cranky joints. In short, I'd like to sit cross legged again into the future with out twinges... Steps taken: much talk with a friend of “let’s do this together” and ‘Ooooh! I’ll stop by REI after work and get a yoga mat tonight.’ No real progress.

[image by/belongs to reya., via Flickr as seen here.]

I’d like to clean/tidy my home more often. Mostly because I live with the wonderful b-boy who certainly deserves a clean house if for no other reason than he’s so darn cute… Steps taken: almost none. This is likely not to ever happen.(And here is my excuse): this is what comes of raising your children too militantly, I had to scrub bathrooms and kitchens every day and super deep clean the whole house on Saturdays the whole time I was growing up. Now I refuse, as an adult, to do any of it. I die inside at the thought of one more toilet to be cleaned and thus avoid the whole ‘keeping things clean’ enterprise altogether. Bad Letha. Sigh.

So there you have it, my non-resolutions for the next little while of life!

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