Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nicole Dextras

How very amazing is this intricate, thoughtful and oh so detailed organic magic by Nicole Dextras? Whenever I see her work I am just blown away by the sheer amount of physical and metal work it must take to bring these pieces into being... Her 'Weedrobes' series is what fascinates me the most but her work ranges all the way to plaster casting, book art and photography!

[all work by/belongs to Nicole Dextras, images via her web site]

Explore more of Nicoles varied work here. You can also find her on Flickr...


Ju Padilha said...

thanks for you visit in my blog... I´m curious about to know how you found it!
I imagene that you couldn´t read, because of the portuguese text, but I was telling how wonderful is your work... it´s very sensible!! love the pale colours!
hugs from Brazil!!!
(sorry about the english)

LethaColleen said...

Ju, I found your mention of my work via my sitemeter, it shows me referrals to my blog from out there on the interwebs...someone clicked through from your blog to mine and it recorded it for me. No worries about the English! At least you can type something up in my language! I'm not able to do the same! :) Thank goodness for on-line translators like ‘Bablefish’!