Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jay Kelly

Well, I don’t know about you but so far I am having a pretty neat holiday experience. I’ve been quite busy and a bit overwhelmed due to just some basic ‘life’ things recently but all that aside, I’m pleasantly surprised to find myself really enjoying the process of gift procurement, contemplating holiday cards and the going to and from holiday parties and get togethers… It isn’t always so of course, some years a spirit of joyfulness at this time of year feels forced. Or worse yet there’s dullness as a heightened engagement with life and loved ones doesn’t ever kick in and it all just feels like an obligation!

I think part of what I’m finding pleasing this year is the enthusiasm I’ve found in my first effort to truly ‘buy all handmade.’ Something about the uniqueness of the items that I’ve found and knowing that I am supporting another creative person out there like myself in their endeavors really makes for an excited sense of satisfaction and the desire to share that feeling with my family and friends.

Another thing that has been surprisingly enjoyable (vs. a potentially frustrating chore) has been the challenge hunting for neat and fitting things for a huge range of tastes and age ranges…of I am the oldest of seven children, my youngest sister is now 17, two of my brothers now have children ranging from 10 on down to under one years old (and more on the way!) Each one of my siblings and their offspring have such different interests and personal values you’d think I’d be tearing my proverbial hair out as I try to follow all those pathways of their loves and likes but finding something for everyone; instead of being daunting has proved to be so much fun…a delightful treasure hunt through the land of Etsy, local shops and my artsy friends…

I hope that all of you lovely people who read my occasional ramblings and share my love of consuming beauty are finding your own pleasures out there as you journey towards Christmas and the brand New Year? What are you finding surprisingly enjoyable this year as you prepare for the holidays?

Oh and by the way (!) these amazing photo collages are the work of Jay Kelly. They so perfectly capture the spirit of a dreamy winter...don't you agree?

[images by/belong to Jay Kelly, via his web site]


Magdalena said...

...I enjoy beauty of your work...
my best wishes
Magdalena/Color Sepia

LethaColleen said...

thank you Magdalena!