Monday, December 21, 2009

Color! [Mary Katherine Barrett]

There's nothing like a series of gray days --- waking up to them, going to sleep with them --- and things like hail beating on the windows as you creep around in two pairs of socks contemplating an extra sweater and perhaps some gloves to make you crave lively COLOR! Mary Katherine Barrett's vibrant and unique jewelry fits the 'wake me up' bill to a T.

[images by/belong to Mary Katherine Barrett, via her Flickr photostream]

Etsy shop, Flickr and blog! Go visit, your 'pep' level will improve immediately!


gina said...

I love the colors and shapes of the jewelry. Your photos makes me smile and defintely brighten up a foggy day.

penny patten said...

I like the flower pin and the earrings, very pretty!