Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 'Nothing' Cardboard Office

This is the Nothing Office. Made of cardboard, constructed using a slotted joinery system of 'no screw, no glue' methods (!) this is quite the example of branding carried straight through into architecture.

Outside of my initial questions about this architecture/sculpture/workplace, (what about coffee stains? Won't the place burn down?) I'm mostly taken with the fact this is a pretty neat illustration of a concept that I've always found thrilling ('a thing within'). Some of my most memorable moments with architecture have been the ones where a habitable environment is constructed within and physically separated from the finished shell of a building --- that deliberate act of design often touches off quite the emotional/mental response from me...

But don't let me get started on a architecture ramble though, we'll all be hopelessly lost in my unintelligible philosophical tangents in no time!

[Found via This ain't no disco, its where we work, images from the same]

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natty. said...

Wow. That is utterly amazing. And beautiful.