Monday, November 9, 2009

Janelle Lile's Gorgeous Fall Leaves

Janelle's water color work is just the best...the BEST! I've been a big fan for a while now of her beautiful mix of delicate watercolors contrasted with bits of linear graphs and scientific notation. This new series of fall leaves though, wow, I love them the best of all.

[images by/belong to Janelle Lile via her Flickr photostream]

Originals and prints of these beautiful leaves [and more!] available in Janelle's shop...someone give these leaves a good home please? I wish it could be me... [damn the conservative budget I've got myself operating under!]

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June rhymes with moon said...

Wow, thanks! I was so startled to see that familiar-looking little leaf when I clicked over to your blog :) And believe me, I know about having more art than money...would you be interested in a trade sometime? Because I'm quite a fan of yours, too :)