Friday, October 9, 2009

Neutrals [Friday Flickr Photo Collage]

Happy Friday, happy weekend!

[images by/belong to, top to bottom, left to right: 1) Camilla Engman, 2) Bird in the Hand, 3) Lucky † 13, 4) Blind Spot Jewellery, 5) Bergman's Bear, 6) bldgblog


JaimeNicole said...

Suits the mood of this rainy day. Rainy days are my favorite. : )

jaboopee said...

really liked your thoughts on artists who blog...would love to ask you where the pursuit of money comes into it its something i'm having trouble coming to conclusions about....well truth be told i'd rather just make things for myself and not concern myself with making money, its just that whole conundrum of money and motivation!! this probably isn't the place for this question! i don't know why suddenly i think you can sort out my existential crisis !!!!