Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Next Big Travel Adventure [Amsterdam]

Last year there was a lot of traveling, US and otherwise --- in the spring of 2008 we went to Japan, my first really major travel-to-a-overseas-destination adventure. This year, as I worry over funds and job security there has been zero travel --- but I am dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of our next big adventure to the Netherlands and specifically to Amsterdam.

[top to bottom/left to right --- images by/belong to: 1) Shoko!!, 2) Nescio, 3) Mike Franklin, 4) Tadolo, 5) Jeff Lamb --- all via Flickr]

We went to Japan because it's JAPAN! But also because it was somewhere that the b-boy really felt he could live and be happy because of his perceptions of the social values/cultural norms, we wanted to find out if that was true. Amsterdam is the same for me --- I imagine myself living there, a part of the social fabric, fitting in in a way that feels more comfortable and in alignment than I often feel in the US... Can't wait to find out if that may be true --- but mostly I just want to GO! To be a part of another culture for a while, wander, be in wonder, compare and contrast. My soul misses the challenge and delight of being elsewhere...

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