Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jessica Croker's 'The Still Life Project'

Quite frequently I come to the party pretty late in terms of my awareness of the amazing efforts of others, but you know "...better late than never?!" File this away under one of my last to the table discovery moments but, lordy, I still have to record and share anyway!

Jessica Croker --- artist, crafter, homeschooling mom and photographer --- had/has an incredible still life project; 'Seedpod'. 29 beautiful photos, one for each day in February 2008.

[all images by/belong to Jessica Croker, via her Flickr photostream]

I think what I am drawn to the most here, besides the natural subject matter, (and the over all neutral tonality) is the lighting that captures a late afternoon subdued and filtered sunlight feel despite being stills --- shot (I assume) ---indoors. There's some skill for you!

Visit Jessica's official 'the still life project' site/blog here...


C. Wade said...

I, too, am late to the party! This series is calming & really beautiful, thanks for sharing!

MAB Jewelry said...

These are stunning.