Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jasna Sokolovic

As promised, here is work from one of the Vancouver artists I discovered for the first time over this past weekend...

Jasna Sokolovic has a lovely studio and gallery space on Granville Island --- and oh (!) by the by, I can't tell you how stupendously satisfying the open studio business/work model is! Such an effective, nicely informal catalyst for communicating directly to the creator your impressions/passion/thoughts about their work... And at at Granville Island it's such a charming home for the whole idea --- you feel as if you are discovering things 'just around the corner' (despite the fact that it is, actually, crawling with tourists).

Jasna is a ceramic artist --- she paints, etches, photo transfers and silkscreens each piece at various points throughout the process of creation to great effect. I love how the overlapping layers of mixed media, added and subtracted, conveys multi faceted stories and concepts...

[all images belong to Jasna Sokolovic, via her Web site]

Jansa has a Web site (although, for her most current work, you'd have to visit her studio in Vancouver) --- and she tells me that she comes to Seattle once a year or so to exhibit and sell work --- I'll be looking forward to that (and will post the dates when I know)!

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