Monday, August 24, 2009

Arne Quinze - The Sequence

Arne Quinze's The Sequence... Wow, wow, wow!

A public art installation in Brussels, Belgium The Sequence is a temporary (5 years or so) structure that bridges a courtyard gap between two Flemish Parliament buildings... it's juxtaposition with the architecture and the visual references to trees, stilt houses, etc. sets off a lot of visual joy and excitement for me.
It's just such a bold sweep of a metaphor, like taking a literal paint brush to the big white square that is architectural function and organisation...

[images by/belong to; top: just.luc, both middle: fonk, bottom:becsterishbecster, all via Flickr]

Being in architecture for a living, besides my aesthetic and philosophical joy in the installations existence, I'm just as fascinated by how the thing stands up and was constructed --- although I know it's wood and concrete (and one hopes a large quantity of structural bolts), I still wish I could see it in person and gape at it!


Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Looks amazing!

MAB Jewelry said...

This is so striking. I wish I could see it in person to get a better sense of the scale and architecture of it.