Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scooter Love

I feel just the slightest bit geeky and as if 'perhaps I am sharing too much of my personal obsessions' by posting this but OH MY GOSH!!!!

I have been dreaming about, researching and planning for electric scooter ownership for more than a year now --- of late the economy has put a serious crimp in my plans as my job continuously hangs over a cliff of 'who knows, maybe someday soon we'll get a new project' and more and more people are laid off from my firm. But that hasn't stopped me from forging ahead with at the very least the window shopping/research part of my plans. And look what I found today!

KDL Energy Technologies has developed a new engine technology that takes comprehensive advantage of current technology by eliminating the engines need for a transmission as well as increasing the speed and extending battery life of existing electric systems. Their words "Through the use of an innovative nano-crystalline composite material the motor conducts energy ten times more efficiently than traditional iron-core motors, eliminating the need for additional cooling mechanisms and enabling greater responsiveness." Nano Crystals!!!

So while I ADORE the slim, minimal design of the vehicle I'm even more enamored with the tech capabilities. Seriously, seriously considering a pre-order of the E-140 model in mint green... Yowza~

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