Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Terrain at Styer's

I don't care how late to this party I am because, wow, I am just head over heels for this place --- Terrain at Styer's --- an amazing expanse of garden-y-ness just outside of Philadelphia [found via this post originally posted last spring over @ Oh Joy]. Its an Urban Outfitters store brand, obviously garden/home in theme --- so very magical and colorful and earthy!

I adore garden shops, when I was a kid I had a special love (inspired by my mother) of the little shop at the back of the tropical conservatory at Wright Park in Tacoma. As an adult I used to get a very particular brand of peace when I walked into the old Ravenna Gardens shop that was on Queen Anne hill back in the day and I haven't really found a good replacement for that shop since. Seeing these pictures I very much wish I could go see Terrain in person --- wander around, sit in the cafe, daydream among such lovely surroundings... Convince myself that I can actually keep succulents alive.

[all photos by/belong to Joy of ohjoystudio and ohjoy! , via this Flickr set on her photostream]

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Anonymous said...

would love to have a party hof 80 people here, anybody know if it's allowed or have had one?