Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dana Ray - A Modern Memory Keeper

Dana's magical work makes me teary eyed --- in just the best possible way... Her paintings are chock full of meaningful stuff --- the real stuff, the value in life and love and earth that we take for granted until we're reminded [one way or another] of it's wonder and significance to us.

Looking at Dana's pieces I'm instantly filled up to the brim with poignant memories of my most intimate moments with nature, the joy of sharing experiences with a beloved partner and the gift of being alive and a participant in the whole big whirl of life... [life that flies away so quickly; quick, quick, quick --- like sparks in the night]

[all images and work belong to Dana Ray, via her Flickr photostream]

Dana's Web site, her Etsy shop [wonderful business name; 'groundwork'], and Flickr Photostream are all very much worth checking out --- and do visit my very favorite piece; 'reflecting'...

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Christina Conway said...

wonderful find! so enchanting :)