Friday, May 22, 2009

Lisa Kairos

I'm fascinated with the encaustic process --- it lends such an air of cloudiness to a composition --- I equate it with a physical way to represent how memory works --- the manifestation of looking backward (or just inward) and having bits and pieces of your mental imprints obscured by the passage of time. Some artist's subject matter or concepts lend themselves really well to this 'through the glass darkly' feeling that wax produces --- Lisa's work makes the most of the medium.

It's my favorite encaustic work that I've seen to date
--- I love her use of found ephemera and line drawing, embroidery and paint. Beautiful, touching results.

[all work/images belong to Lisa Kairos, via her web site]

Visit her Web site here, and have a look around her blog; Open Studio she's very expressive and open about her process and technique --- really fun to follow it all if you are at all interested in the use of mediums and how they interact, impede or enhance the creative intent!

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