Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diana Fayt

So much to love about Diana's ceramic pieces --- beautiful color and shapes and a really lovely introduction of etched botanical and animal line drawings into the mix. Diana calls her process "drawing in clay" a way of combining her love of drawing, painting an printmaking with clay arts. Really lovely results --- delicate yet rustic and very approachable...

[all images/work belong to Diana Fayt, via her flickr photostream --- Originally found via housemartin --- one of the most peaceful and beautiful blogs ever (and a personal favorite)... ]

Go visit Diana's web site, blog, flickr and most importantly; her Etsy shop!

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Alissa said...

Are those tumblers in the second photo listed? I love how unique their shape is. I'm amazed at people that do ceramics. Pottery wasn't my strength in high school. Thanks for sharing Diana's work!