Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Carolyn Moran

I'm not much of a jewelry girl --- I had my nose ring in collage (which I miss), pierced ears when I was 12 (gone by 16, never to return) --- I love rings but not excessively... bracelets really bug me for some reason, I notice them too much...

So... I don't usually post about jewelry here --- there are just so many other people out there in the blog world that really love the art and design of jewelry and are very supportive of it so I just go on my merry sharing my love of 2D art, installations and photography... But I am sharing Carolyn's jewelry because I really love her single, focused pieces that put the stone/fossil/or otherwise worthy element front and center. She's got a great eye for focal elements and I really like how every one is treated with such individuality and thoughtfulness...

[all work/images belong to Carolyn Moran, via her Flickr photostream]

Carolyn has a Etsy shop for further perusing.

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