Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amy Huddleston

I become firmly attached and drawn into Amy Huddleston's paintings because of her particular way of composing a viewers entry into the scenes, characters or subject matter. Whether it’s a close up portrait at just the right distance or a birds eye like perspective of wandering feet in the midst of late afternoon light, her compositions are uniquely effective in forming connections to her work --- even more so than her subject matter or color and technique (which is all thoughtful, brilliant and beautiful). Amy is one of those artists that make me say internally, “what a great gift they have”, and so she does…

[all work/images belong to Amy Huddleston via her Flickr photostream]

Please do visit Amy's Web site and Flickr photostream --- I've shown just a few of my favorites here that tell me a story but she has so much more for you to discover... go, go!


r. said...

Yes, I like her paintings! The palette is warm and cold like life..

LethaColleen said...

" life..." And aren’t those the very best artists? The ones who can capture the essence of the varied experiences we all have --- ranging from sadness to joy and everything in between.... I get so excited when I find another one; Amy is one of those people for sure!