Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring (via roof gardens)!

Miraculously it's been blue skied and sunny --- warm even, cracking the 50 degree mark here in Seattle the last couple of days! Having a bit of warmth and direct sunlight made me realize that my psyche has been ensconced, quite obliviously, in the gray and damp. SPRING! Spring is just around the corner and with it the desire to be OUT, outside, out of doors...

I'm lucky enough to have access to not one, but two rooftop gardens at the office building in which I spend my 9-5 and to me it's a true sign of the seasons changing when myself and my office mates emerge from the building into these oasis's of wooden decking and swaying bamboo.

I've always had a fascination with landscape on buildings; my eye goes right to it because of its contrast to the built environments and its removal from the rooted-ness of its normal relationship to the earth... The following photos cover a nice range of grand to humble roof gardens and make me itch for a warm breeze and a view of my city through a cloud green...

[images belong to and by: 1. chrissie.g 2. redxdress 3. WalkingGeek 4. fjordaan 5. jbs1999 6. loreemech, all images via Flickr]

I especially love this last one as it makes me want to take a book and a cup of tea out the window and just sit there next to the ferns and be at peace.

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